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The universe operates on simplicity; therefore, it was wonderful to find a healing modality that follows the uncomplicated pattern of the universe. Following is an interview with Steve Barrett the creator of the Chios Healing Modality.

What is Chios?

Chios is a relatively new Energy Healing modality which seeks to go beyond similar energy healing arts, not only in the comprehensiveness of its techniques but in its applications to complementary care of the seriously ill. It employs what we feel to be fundamental advances in energy healing techniques, to treat root causes of energetic illness in the human energy field (aura and chakras). It also includes an integral meditation method (Chios Meditation), which is especially designed to bring out the psychic abilities necessary for a healer practicing this type of healing.

Is Chios derived from the Chinese word for energy, Chi?

No. The word Chios is from the language of the ancient civilization of Bactria. The closest English translation would be "life force," Although there is a fuller, richer meaning. Chios is the life welling in all-living things, as they strive towards growth and upwards towards the light and enlightenment. This meaning also includes the struggle of spiritual growth, and of the spiritual process. In a past life of mine, in Bactria, I studied and used many of the healing techniques I use now, and the word "Chios" made a great impression on me at the time, hence my decision to name this healing art after it.

Where is Bactria?

Bactria was a civilization in central Asia, which occupied the region now known as far Northern Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It was most active between 600 BC and 600 AD and was an extraordinary center for religious and spiritual ideas and practices (far more so than our history books give it credit for). It was there that I studied healing extensively and that the word "Chios" is from.

Tell me about the development of Chios.

Chios Energy Healing is the product of seven years of discovery and refinement. Often I am asked how I became involved in energy healing and how this healing art was created. It wasn’t entirely by my own design, in fact far from it. In 1990, I had already been practicing meditation for a number of years. I found myself drawn to a general interest in spiritual healing, and was actively pursuing many other personal growth opportunities. As the result of consultations with a channeler, I received the words that would change my focus and direction for years to come. I was looking for personal growth information, as I had in many places, when the channeler I was working with began to channel a network of Guides who claimed to have important information for me. I was skeptical at first, but these Guides, speaking through the channeler, knew things about me no one could have known, lending great credibility to their communications. They told me of past lives I had had, as a healer, and encouraged me to begin the study of energy healing. They told me, “you are a healer, go heal!”

So began a conversation and path of study, which would last seven years. I practiced energy healing on many patients, using techniques provided by the Guides and which I refined over this course of years. There was often the temptation to introduce complexities or incorporate belief systems into the practice, but over the long-term I realized that simple, close to the essence and fundamental techniques were both the heart of, and the most powerful form of, this kind of healing. process.

After developing Chios healing, I was encouraged to teach it. The Guides told me that their assistance was made available to me so that I could create and teach this healing art. They indicated that energy healing will become popular, and is important to the future of evolving humanity. I developed a series of instructional manuals on the techniques (from which this website is derived), and began teaching healing classes in Northern California. The Chios attunements, which easily open up the healing student’s energy, color and light channeling abilities, were provided directly by the Guides, to benefit those who wished to begin practicing this form of healing. On a predetermined date and time (at the New Moon near the Autumnal Equinox of 1995), the Guides came into a trance channeler’s body, by special arrangement, to give me the Master attunement that made me the first Master Teacher of Chios. They also provided detailed instructions on how to give the Chios healing attunements to others. I now give that same Master Attunement and those same instructions to all new Chios Master Teachers.

Do you consider yourself a medical intuitive?

No. I specialize in detection and rectification (healing) of energetic defects in the energy field. Although this sometimes includesintuitive sensing of disease in the physical body that is not my main focus. My main focus often includes psychic visions of past traumas, however, and how they affect the psychology of the individual, and his or her energy field. My perception is that much (perhaps most) bodily disease originates in the psyche and energy field. I just do not anchor my sensing in the physical body and its disease conditions, as a medical intuitive does, nor am I as capable of anatomically diagnosing physical disease as medical intuitives are. I am able to see (in my psychic sight, and often with my physical eyes) the condition of the aura and chakras, in a patient. I am able to see into past lives and into incidents in the childhood of patients. I am able to communicate telepathically with my own spirit Guides and sometimes with other human beings.

What are the requirements for someone to become a Chios Healer?

Right now, the only requirements are to receive the Chios energy attunements (which are offered in a series of 3 attunements), and to study the Chios instructional materials (which are offered free through the Chios website). In the near future, certification procedures for those who wish to practice energy healing in a professional setting will be offered through the International Society for Chios Healing (ISCH), which will create certification programs for individuals and for the curriculum of healing schools.

Where can one find out more information about Chios?

The main Chios website ( is an excellent resource and also offers free downloads of the Chios information (instructional manuals and educational workbooks). The ISCH website ( undergoing rapid development, as is the ISCH itself. Also, many Chios healing Master Teachers and practitioners also offer attunements, classes and other information-available by searching the Internet.

How is your method different from Barbara Brennan, Caroline Myss and other medical intuitives?

Chios has similarities to what Barbara Brennan offers, yet there are many differences. I would say that the main thing that distinguishes Chios from these (and other) offerings from other teachers is that Chios focuses on simple yet powerful techniques, without introducing a great deal of ideas or beliefs pertaining to the operation and meaning of the chakras and aura, or of the diseases that result from energetic damage to them. Chios healing and meditation are designed to expand the consciousness of the healer, so that he or she can see conditions and causes for himself or herself, and not pattern the awareness according to a large set of predetermined ideas about what goes on in the aura or chakras or how disease comes about. If there is one thing I have learned, as a teacher of healing, it is that it is my job to help others gain their own vision and understanding-and not impose my own. Truth is out there and people (and healing students) are capable of discovering and articulating it for themselves, and that is the better way.

How many teachers are now in your organization since conception?

Right now, we estimate between 150 and 200 teachers, in various countries, and this number is expanding quickly. The number of practitioners (those who have incorporated the Chios techniques into healing practice) is already in the thousands.

Any special message you will like to share with the readers regarding The Chios Healing Method?

If you are drawn to this type of healing, Chios is designed to help you become a wonderful healer by bringing out what is already inside you. Inside you there is already the perfect healer, who knows the energy, color and light and is able to use them to bring healing to others. Do not become involved too much in externals-it is from inside yourself that truth and healing come, and from where you bring healing to others. Clear yourself through your own healing and spiritual growth, and you will become a healer with a wonderful and unique contribution to make to the world.

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