Truth Principles
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The Path to Truth organization embodies the following esoteric principles:

Principle #1 Everything in the universe is composed of electromagnetic energy.
Principle #2 We are more than flesh and blood; we are spiritual beings with bodies, minds and souls.
Principle #3 There are two worlds—the spiritual world and the physical world.
Principle #4 We are spiritual beings clothed in human shells and we cannot die.
Principle #5 The soul must learn to detach itself from the desires of matter (people, places and things).
Principle #6 "Death" is a shift in consciousness that when we let go of the physical body our consciousness is still in tact.
Principle #7 God teaches us in small steps...awareness, knowledge and practice of the spiritual laws, and giant steps...initiation and ascension of the Christ consciousness.
Principle #8 Self-discipline helps the soul to stay focused on its path.
Principle #9 The formula for self-realization or the purification of energy is the combining of psychology and spirituality.
Principle #10 The soul resonates to those opportunities that will provide for its spiritual growth.
Principle #11 Illness or imbalance in the energy system (body, mind and spirit) is caused by a mental thought and given power to materialize by the emotions attached to it.
Principle #12 Miracles are the results of the spiritual laws in action producing the perfect harmony of energy.
Principle #13 It is our birthright to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually prosperous.
Principle #14 God can only give us as much as we can perceive, we are co-creators with God.
Principle #15 Spiritually, relationships provide a way for souls to learn how to love each other unconditionally and how to create our relationships adhering to the seven spiritual laws.
Principle #16 The Law of Duality sets the stage for the relationship drama. It provides a smorgasbord of choices for us to select.
Principle #17 We only hurt ourselves when we demonstrate hate, prejudice and discrimination toward another person.
Principle #18 The confusion in a relationship starts when we try to create someone else’s world based on our own beliefs and life lessons. We need to recognize that every soul has its’ own path to follow and no one should interfere with that path.
Principle #19 We create different archetypal roles that are based on both our philosophical and psychological thought patterns.
Principle #20 The plot of most of life’s dramas is centered on three main themes: Love, control and material possessions with a mini plot being either you have it or you don’t have it.
Principle #21 One can never escape God’s Law of Cause and Effect when an injustice is done.
Principle #22 Before incarnation, we recognized the areas of our lives that we needed to develop. We made pacts with other souls, especially those souls that are a part of our soul groups, to assist us with various life challenges.
Principle #23 When we send out negative energy to another person, that energy only comes back to us in the present incarnation or it will definitely catch up with us in a future incarnation.
Principle #24 When we look at relationships from a metaphysical viewpoint, we see that cords extend from each of the seven energy centers (chakras) and connect us to each other.
Principle #25 Forgiveness is the antidote for relationships. It is the medicine that a soul needs to free itself from karmic debts, release itself from emotional garbage, and heal itself.
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